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Early Trends I’ve Noticed in Halloween Costumes

So, I went on a search through all of Target’s Halloween costumes to get inspiration. Looks like superheros are going to be the big thing this year. In accompaniment to that, going as something “nerdy” for Halloween is popular. So much for being “nerdy” right? A lot of the costumes are superheros from movies and comic books as well as some video game characters  (though, admittedly, that was the big thing in the movies this year.) Costumes appear to be a bit more creative as well. I saw a couple boys costumes for like, George Washington and Ben Franklin which brought up some fond memories of when my sister went as Thomas Jefferson due to a botched pirate captain costume.

One surprisingly good thing I noticed was that there was quite a bit of gender equality in the kids’ costumes. If there was Superman, there was Super Woman, if there was Thor, there was a girl’s version of Thor (it’s super cute btw.) Nearly every boy’s costume had a girl’s equivalent. (Not so much vise-versa, didn’t see any boy princesses or butterflies) Still promising however.

On the other hand, girls costumes teen and up were mostly all “sassy” in other words, ridiculously short, and being someone who grew up in Minnesota I can attest to how unpractical that is. They also had some Eskimo costumes that made me laugh because my parents joked every year that I should go as an Eskimo after I piled my winter jacket, gloves, and hat on over my costume.

In other news, I still have no idea what I’m going to dress up as.

  1. tothebatcave53 said: If Batman is out, why not go as Loki!
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